Our Hands-on Science Programs in and around Melbourne

At the Scientwists we offer a huge range of hands-on workshops and events for anything from kids science parties and school incursions to corporate events and family days. All science parties and programs are designed for maximum fun, maximum hands-on goodness, maximum safety and maximum science. Invite us to your next science party or event and we promise to do our very best to make it extra special!

Science Parties – Great for Kids Birthdays

We love doing our science parties and the kids do too! Every party has been configured and tweaked for years to provide a fantastic experience for everyone involved. The kids sometimes even learn a thing or two :) If your child has a birthday coming up, why not make it a little bit special with one of our science parties. Invite us to come and blow stuff up; safely of course.

Science Parties

Science should be a blast!

Sometimes we all forget how much joy and fascination fields of study like science can provide. Due to strict curriculum guidelines and budgets, teachers and schools often have a difficult time covering the material they are required to while also making it creative and inspirational on top of that. We know that the vast majority of teachers out there are underpaid and overworked (we love you teachers) so we endeavour to supplement their invaluable work by providing incredible science hands-on experiences that help reinforce school learning in a super-fun atmosphere. To this end we have school workshops that map directly to the Victorian Primary Curriculum, Hands-on Science Birthday Parties that maximise the fun factor while inspiring curiosity, Holiday Programs designed to instill wonder, and Event Stations and Shows that everyone will remember. Science is amazing and we are devoted to proving it!

“Play is the highest form of research”

Albert Einstein

Who are the Scientwists?

The Scientwists are a group of people super passionate about science and science communication. We travel around Melbourne and Regional Victoria & NSW presenting hands-on science workshops and parties and for us the study of science is so much more than about textbooks and lectures; we live and breathe science. At the Scientwists we believe that science is the single best way of understanding, appreciating, and wondering at the incredible universe all around us and we are committed to showing our customers, suppliers, partners, friends and really anyone who will listen, how amazing our universe really is.

We have also just opened a new Hands-On Science Play Centre in Echuca, Victoria called “twistED”. twistED recently won the inland tourism award for best new business. Check out our twistED website!

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